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August 11, 2012 / jslipschultz

The Triple Bypass — July 14, 2012

The Triple Bypass is a tough endurance ride in CO put on annually by the Evergreen Cycling Club.  About 3,500 ride it.  With this as the major 2012 goal, I put a lot of training in during the year.

All the training paid off. I like to think I slayed this beast, although it was not without its challenges, of course. With an open start, there was no urgency to get to start line, so we started behind most of the 3,500 riders.  And then, we tackled three mountain passes.

Triple Bypass 2012

Juniper Pass: Although we had six to start (four finished), only Don rode with me up the pass. Probably the most beautiful and sunny. It’s the steepest climb (7,500 ft to 11,140 ft alt. in 15 miles). Passed several towards the top, wicked fast decent (lost Don who dropped a water bottle). I’m a pansy on these decents, but maxed at 49.3 mph (not sure I believe computer, I stayed in 30’s most of the time).

Loveland Pass: It’s a long approach. From Idaho Springs (7,500 alt.) to top of Loveland (11,990 ft) is 30 miles, most of the hard work is last 4 miles. Passed countless people. When I got to bottom of this one (in Keystone), it started to rain and I threw on rain jacket just in time (so lucky to have decended right before).

Loveland Pass 2012 TBP

Went over Swan Mountain (little one) and took off jacket at Aid Station and got food.
Vail Pass: another more gradual approach (alt of 9,000 to 10,560 ft over 14 miles). Started to rain again on path to Copper Mountain–put on jacket again. At top of pass, I took off jacket at Aid Station.
Awesome, long downward approach to Avon. 5 miles out, it starting raining–I was too lazy to put on jacket hoping it would stop. Got drenched. Oh well. With all the wet pavement and at times heavy rain, I was just happy to arrived safely to finish.
So 95% solo, no drafting. Just a beautiful ride, albeit very wet. Adjusted well to altitude too, luckily. Pretty happy with the overall performance–could have gone longer.


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