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August 11, 2012 / jslipschultz

Family Trip to Fairplay — August 4 – 10, 2012

Day 1: Fairplay to Grant, CO

First full day in CO and first ride. Left Fairplay, CO north on 285 towards Como. Climbed a little pass, Red Hill and later passed Como not knowing. Got to top of Kenosha Pass (10,000 ft. alt.) without overdoing it, and headed down the pass at 40 mph (every mile thinking, I’m going to pay for this). Got to Grant (5 miles or so downhill) and turned around giving up on reaching the elusive Como. Saw the sign on the way back where the turn is for Como. Altitude gain: 3,143 ft

MapMyRide route and altitude info:

Looking back towards Fairplay, almost at the top of Kenosha pass before the long race down to Grant.

Kenosha Pass 2012 

The climb back up Red Hill Pass (identical shot of 2009).  Look carefully for the climb from right to left–a little ribbon in the pic.

Red Hill Pass 2012


Day 2: Fairplay to Trout Creek (Route 285 and 24 intersection)

No mountain passes today. Just surrounded by mountains as I went down 285 to the Rt 24 intersection. Would have liked to make it to Buena Vista, but not enough time and it was tougher (more up and into the wind) on the way back. 22.1 mph average down, 16.3 back.  Funny thing about biking in CO, even on flat rides, you get to climb some.  Altitude gain: 1,165 ft. 


Some video from turnaround point:


Day 3: Fairplay to Breckenridge (and back), Hoosier Pass twice!

Day 5 of the Pro Cycling Tour this month will start in Breck, climb Hoosier Pass, and fly nearby the road to my aunt’s cabin outside Fairplay. So today, I biked up the Pass, down to Breck, turned around and did the climb again from the opposite side and flew into Fairplay (much slower than the Pro’s will). Hoosier Pass Summit is at 11,539 ft. Fairplay and Breck are at 9,950 or so. Fun day in the saddle.  Altitude gain: 3,333 ft.


Video at summit:

Hoosier 2012


Day 4: A quick ride up Hoosier Pass

Has a rest day between Day 3 and 4 rides (but we went white water rafting on the Arkansas and hiking around Kite Lake–in the shadow of four 14ers–we climbed to 12,300 and returned).

Only time for a short one today. And the last one in CO. So I visited Hoosier Pass again. On the way out and back, you pass through a funny little town called Alma.  Check out its boast in the picture below.
Total elevation gain: 1,558 ft.


Hooser Day 4

Alma 2012 Day 4


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  1. boo johnson / Aug 11 2012 11:12 pm

    good stuff, dude…..

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