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October 20, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 39: Columbia to Summerville, SC (10/20)

AM Update:  One more day of big riding, then a celebratory ride of 30-some miles to the beach.  While I’m out riding today, share with me your vote for your favorite Update.  I’ve listed some the most popular ones to help, but feel free to suggest your own if not listed.  Let me know your fav, by selecting the Comment button at the bottom of this Update and type it in.

Day 5: Happy Birthday Lindsay from the Mojave

Day 7:  “Exhausted Jeff, Take 1”

Day 9/10:  Grand Canyon

Day 20:  Video Guest:  Eric Mason

Day 22:  Dave’s Big Day (Reliving his 2009 crash)

Day 24:  Game Show

Day 26:  “Music Video”

Day 28: Sock Puppets Explain Rollers

Day 29:  Video Guests:  Dana and Brit (the day before Dana crashed)

Day 30: Crossing the Mississippi

Day 34:  Tara and Marquette Roast Jeff

Day 35:  “Exhausted Jeff, Take 2”

Day 36:  The Right Stuff Commercial

Day 38:  Video Guest:  Karl

PM Update:

Is tomorrow really the last day? Unbelievable.  Today was the perfect ride.  A good pace.  Some good reflections on fun we’ve had.  And our streak of no rain continues.  It actually rained at the hotel a little bit after we left and it never caught us.  Unbelievable. 

It is amazing to think that I’ve covered every inch of the route (and even several other inches where we blazed past a turn, about every other day or so).  When you do it one day at a time, it almost feels like you are going in circles or going in random directions.  About halfway through, I finally found a map (thanks Best Western).   I looked at where we had been so far and couldn’t believe we had covered all those miles.  I think today’s recap covers my feelings about all this.  Thanks again for all your support.

The End is Coming

By the numbers:  111.8 miles, 5:56:18, 18.8 mph avg., 1,119 feet of climbing; Totals so far: 3,247.2 miles and 120,838 feet

Last stop: Charleston SC, 32.1 miles away.  The beach and family awaits!

Helmet-cam:  Getting close dance; Last “serious climb of the tour”

Video recap and final thoughts:


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  1. chris johnson / Oct 20 2010 7:06 pm

    loved the roast!!…it was the best!

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