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October 15, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 34: Nashville to Crossville, TN (10/15)

When we left Nashville, I was certain I left my legs in The Hermitage Hotel.  Usually, I’m pretty careful to make sure I leave nothing behind, but somehow today…

We started out as a group and had Dave and Marquette with us this morning.  Slowly, the landscape changed from a busy city streets to the wide-open spaces of the country.  Fairly quickly.  After a while, Austin, Joseph and I took off and pushed along.  I was constantly wondering how I was to do 125 miles and 6,800+ feet of climbing with NO LEGS!  We had two lunch stops today and after the second one, I managed to get my act together.  Just in time for Austin’s FIRST FLAT OF THE RIDE.  This was actually funny for several reasons: 1)  Austin is so confident about riding on tubeless tires–never flats apparently…, 2) Joseph and I were commenting just this morning on who has had no flats and made a point to mention that Austin was the only one.  So we jinxed him.  3)  While waiting for the van to pull up, I had time to chase chickens around some little house on the side of the road.

It was a long day with about three tough climbs (long stretches of 5-8-10% grade) and some rollers towards the end, but we managed through it alright.  Fortunately, the wind was at our backs at critical times, and although cold at the start and finish, fair weather again prevails!  And Karl rode with us for the second half and gave me some nice tips on climbing.


bridge  truckstream house in Sparta Austins flat ticked off Austin

chicken chicken2 chicken3

By the numbers:  18.2 mph, 126.4 miles, 6,841 feet of climbing, 6:57:30 riding time; Totals so far: 2,752.7 miles, 100,180 feet of climbing

Next stop:  Sevierville TN, 107.6 miles away

Helmet-cam:  Countryside; Four of us; Racing along; One of our climbs; Crossing the bridge

Video recap:  Today’s video recap has mysteriously been swapped with a video of Tara and Marquette, our Trek Travel heroines.



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  1. casey / Oct 17 2010 6:49 am

    Per recap:

    Ladies, well done…..Jeff, you’re owned bro.

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