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October 14, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 33: Rest Day in Nashville

Nashville is a fun little city.  Especially if you like country music.  It is also the state capital of Tennessee.  Today I got up when my body said it was time, instead of my iPhone.  Worked some after breakfast at the Capital Grill downstairs.

It was a beautiful afternoon to walk around the city (really about five square blocks of businesses/restaurants/tourist sites.  Much of the rest is government buildings and more business district.  The Titans play football across the river and the Predators play hockey right downtown.  Austin and I covered the immediate area and had lunch at Tootsie’s (a 50-year old establishment that has played host to several famous singers).  Maybe Jaclyn North will be famous some day.  She was pretty good, after all.


We’re not really up for cabbing it to the other sites (Grand Olde Opry)–I’ve been here before and have seen it.  We did peak into the Ryman Auditorium and were told to kindly leave.  I guess there was a paid program going on.  No biggie.  Just passing through.

We’re planning on a nice dinner tonight and perhaps revisit the honkytonks on Broadway.  Then back to the standard routine, including early-ish bedtime.


The Hermitage (the bathroom is semi-well known, restored to original art deco look)

front  lobby  Mens room1 Mens room2 herm sign


 downtown riverfront

The Capital

capital sign  capital



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  1. Ces / Oct 15 2010 4:58 am

    Wow! Eastern TN already! Have a great weekend of riding!

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