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October 13, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 32: Dover to Nashville, TN

What an interesting day.  We started out by fueling up at McD’s.  Austin, propelled by three hashbrowns, took off like a shot.  I chased him down and we road through the fog, damp, and cold (52 degF) out of Dover.  Lots of hills and 25 or so miles later, Joseph pulled in with us just in time to help with my first flat tire of the day.  He is pretty dang good at that.  But we didn’t find anything and the inner tube was leaking very slowly…I was uneasy about it, but we replaced the tube and pressed on towards lunch.  And again, flat a few miles later.  Turns out the tire had a small piece of mesh poking through the inside of the tire.  I’ve had this problem before with this brand of tire.  It is a Catch-22.  The mesh in the tire is great at preventing flats, as long as the mesh itself doesn’t cause a flat.  Fortunately, Joseph found the tiny metal tip protruding through.  Somehow, I reopened my tiny wound on my thumb tip and required a new bandage (for which I was teased, of course).  Luckily, Marquette was just pulling up with the van to provide a pump and some first-aid!  šŸ™‚

After lunch, we punched it a bit, uncertain about the forecast.  We had great weather all day, but the afternoon forecast called for showers.  We caught up with Bill and Dave and followed Dave to the city.  Lucky for us, as the route meandered through industrial parks, bike paths, side roads, you name it.  Anything to avoid the major feeders into the city.  We only had a few real city blocks of cycling to do (and that was enough for me–too much to keep track of while being safe).

The countryside was very nice today.  Very quiet roads.  Lots of cows (and dogs of course, but hardly any were loose).  And we got in before a drop of rain fell (still threatening as I write this).

Day 30 Update:  You can now go back and view videos of the Mississippi crossing and some local motorcycle gang members giving us suggestions on our route that day.

Pics and Videos:

lunch  Cumberland River along bike path 



By the numbers:  94.0 miles, 5:17:35 riding time, 17.8 mph avg, 4,259 feet of climbing; Totals so far: 2,626.3 miles and 93,339 feet of climbing.

Next stop:  Tomorrow is a rest day in Nashville!  Then, 125.2 miles to Crossville, TN

Helmet-cam footage: Foggy morning; Foggy morning 2; Fall colors; Getting close!

Video recap:


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