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October 12, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 31: Union City to Dover, TN

It was a somber start to the ride today.  Overcast skies and two riders bidding farewell at our launch.  Aside from Brian and Diana, the remaining group rode out together and remained in small sets within a mile or so of each other a lot of the day.  In the afternoon, Joseph, Austin, and I cranked it up just a little to make sure we beat any afternoon rain showers threatening during the day.  A few drops fell while we sipped our recovery drinks in the parking lot central to our fancy little cabins in at the Dover Inn Motel.

Lots a little rollers here and there, but the main highlight was crossing the Tennessee River.  We were “out in the country” for the whole ride.  We might have been passed by a handful of cars on some of the backroads we were on.  A quiet and uneventful ride today.  I guess wearing my raincoat for the first 20 miles scared off the rain clouds for a while (again!).  We are up to a total of 20 rain drops for the on-the-road portion of our trip, most of which were as we finished or just started out.  So lucky so far, weather-wise.  Not sure that luck will make it to the end.

Dover is located near The Land Between the Lakes (between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake).  A part of the world many of you probably didn’t know existed–like many of our stops.  I know our country is primarily made up of towns and cities just like the ones I’ve seen.  I have been to several during my railroad days.  But seeing it by bicycle has reaffirmed that there are many, many Americans, who are far removed from the bigger cities, who have a unique lifestyle that is far different from mine.

Pics:  Lunch in Puryear, TN.  The Jeff/Joseph cabin–note my country bumpkin laundry drying all over the porch.

Puryear TN lunch jj cabin view from porch

By the numbers:  77.9 miles, 4:45:03, 16.4 mph average, 2,621 feet; Totals so far: 2,532.3 miles, 89,080 feet

Helmet-cam:  Country roads rock!; Jibber-Jabbering in the Peleton; Crossing Kentucky Lake

Next stop:  Nashville TN (our last rest day follows), 94.2 miles away

Video update:


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