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October 9, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 28: Branson to West Plains, MO

As we departed Branson, there was fog all around.  But unlike leaving Taos, there was no fog in my head. Today I didn’t have the body or mind questioning why we are at it again after stopping for a day off.  No, today, I was ready to roll again knowing we are less than two weeks away from the Atlantic Ocean.  Amazing to think that there’s just one more rest day ahead and less than a dozen rides.  Although, the next stretch will be as challenging as the others.  Long rides.  Hilly rides.  The cumulative effect of all the miles so far will present a challenge, too.

Today, we rolled through the Mark Twain National Forest some more.  Trees as far as the eye could see.  And rolling terrain.  Lunch was at a very nice spot along the scenic banks of Bull Shoals Lake.  It was mainly Austin and I.  There was little wind, so today most folks just took the hills at their own pace–not much reason to draft.

What a stark difference West Plains is to Branson.  Although West Plains claims to have over 10,000 residents (to Branson’s 8,000).  Branson is a mecca of sorts, and West Plains is just another sleepy, friendly little town like all the others we’ve visited.

Karl put on a new chain this morning.  I guess the 2,000+ miles I put on my formerly-new chain wore it down considerably.  Possibly due to hanging in bigger gears a wee bit too much.  Oops.  And Karl put on my new tires yesterday, too.  Wear and tear accumulates a lot faster when you ride about 100 miles a day.

And if you missed yesterday’s announcement on Real Time GPS location of our team, be sure to check out Day 27 Update.

Videos and Pics:


23-an-ozarks-stream church cow  hill2layers hills

By the numbers:  101.9 miles, 17.5 mph avg, 5:50:05 riding time, 6,719 feet of climbing (I’ve been told I’m low on my climbing numbers by maybe 10%); Totals so far: 2,242.1 miles (about 1,000 more to go!) and 80,380 feet of climbing.

Helmet-cam:  Coming into lunch; Rollercoaster

Next stop:  Poplar Bluff, 109.7 miles away.

Video recap:



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  1. Sequoria / Oct 12 2010 4:17 pm

    Sock puppets…Really? Someone was really tired that day…lol. Jessica and I really enjoyed watching this video.

  2. Lindsay Lipschultz / Oct 15 2010 8:50 pm

    That was amazingly funny daddy “rollers, rollers, rollers!” ha!
    love ya

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