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October 8, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 27: Rest Day in Branson MO

I slept in (6:45).  I worked.  I ate breakfast.  I did my laundry.  I worked.  I watched Karl work on my bike.  I went to the “most popular show in Branson” with Brit, Dana, and Bill (getting a cab is a challenge in a town that has 13).  Had dinner at Cantina Laredo with Austin, Brit and Dana.  A simple day with no riding.

Branson is a cross between Las Vegas (with only the shows–no casinos), Wisconsin Dells (the quirkiness, without the camping), and maybe Carmel (shops).  And the mean age of tourist is 54.  Eight million of them a year.  At the show we went to, 95% of the audience had gray hair.  This is not my kind of destination, but the show was fine and it beats 125 miles on a bike.

Our cab driver today is the son of the youngest Lennon Sister from the Lawrence Welk Show.  I guess the whole family moved out here years ago and a few of the Sisters still entertain at the Welk Theatre for the Christmas Shows.  And we learned that the Lennon family are involved with a lot of the governing bodies in the town (tourist board, aldermen, etc.).  Frankly, I don’t know anything about the Lennon Sisters, but maybe some of you do.  There you have it.

Bill got his GPS tracking device data to be available on the web.  So now, you can track us (or Bill) real time (within an hour, anyway).  He explains more about it in this page of his blog.  I put a link to the GPS tracking map in the Blogroll (see right column of my blog).


bike maintenance12-more-putt-putt 13-hollywood-wax-museum theatre   tixshow   waterworks


Next stop:  West Plains MO, 100.9 miles (the first of three century rides in a row)


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