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October 6, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 25: Bartlesville, OK to Neosho, MO (10/6)

What a great day.  We finally crossed into Missouri and can look back on Oklahoma with fairly fond memories.  Surprisingly.  In past years Oklahoma has been windy and sometimes rainy.  We had one bad day where Austin and I buckled down and trudged through a windy day of 100+ miles.  Other than that, it was not too bad.  We had a social ride on Sunday and sort of a smaller version on Monday.  Today, Joseph, Austin and I just rolled along.  I felt particularly good in spots and took some long pulls (especially on some rollers) and still felt good at the end of our 112 miles.

Joseph has been the media king for his cause, Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  He has lots of media opportunities lined up.  Today, he and I rode around the Best Western parking lot as a Joplin newspaper photographer took our pictures.  Who knows if I’ll make it to print, but it was fun anyway.  We were so fast today, we barely stopped at the vans for water and beat the first van to the hotel front door.  Although, part of that was due to the team being very spread out.

Pics: OK and The Show Me State (Line)!

fieldbuffalothe gang MO border 

By the numbers:  111.7 miles, 5:50:34, 2,799 feet, 19.1 mph average (for the first 27 miles after lunch, we were averaging 20.4 mph–nice tailwind!); Totals so far: 2,050.7 miles and 69,622 feet.

Helmet-cam: A cold start to the day; A standard sample of small town, USA.

Video recap:



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  1. Matthew Close / Oct 6 2010 10:18 pm

    Hey, Sarah and I visited the Grand Canyon in April (maybe it was March). We were at a hotel in the park on the rim of the canyon and we ended up with a couple inches of snow. Going through the Grand Canyon I believe in “expect anything.” So you cross the James R. tomorrow? and the Mississippi a day or so later? Do you get to go through the Mark Twain National Forest? A place I really had no idea even existed.

    Sorry to hear anyone is getting harassed by cars. That’s the kind of thing that you can think about for a lot of miles after it happens. Especially as it always seems to happen when you don’t have a place to ditch (it’s the same when you are running).

    • jslipschultz / Oct 7 2010 6:52 am

      Yep, we go through Mark Twain National Forest today on our way to Branson. And, like most of these places, I too had know idea this existed. Thanks for checking in. One month to the triathlon rally!

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