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October 4, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 23: Enid to Ponca City, OK (10/4)

Today was a fairly non-eventful day.  In a way, it was a continuation of yesterday’s “Social Ride.”  Although, today it was just the three of us: Joseph, Austin, and me.  We mainly talked and didn’t break any speed records (maybe 19 mph before lunch and sub-17 after).  We certainly had to slow down when we hit several miles of gravel road.  At some points, the gravel got to be several inches deep–it practically stopped us in our tracks.  So to speak.

It was chilly today.  Broke out the winter jacket and put the toe-warmers on my shoes.  But no rain, no horrific wind (just enough to notice it).  I guess we had a quicker pace in the morning as we got to Trek Travel van before lunch was out.  Karl was busy warming up food in the Conoco rest stop.  Once Joseph and Austin spied the Dairy Queen attached to the building, there was no stopping them.  Hot hamburgers and ice cream was calling their name.  Alas, poor Karl looked a bit sad as we road over to his spread with ice cream in hand (I ate a little of his spread anyway–he did have warm apple cider and good fruit).

We passed only two exciting landmarks.  The Interstate 35 Highway where I contemplated the distance to home sweet home (the closest I’ll be on our route).  I decided to stick with the guys and finish this thing.  And we passed a huge Conoco-Phillips refinery (where you are not supposed to take pictures–frankly not a pretty sight anyway).  I think we smelled it before we got to it.  Perhaps, Dana and Brit spied something more photographic for me to steal off their blog (we’ll see).  It was good to see Brian back in the saddle today–toughed it out with the “bug.”

I35 2 I35 1

More pics courtesy of Dana:  this is the second time we’ve seen a group of birds swooping around us–Dana caught them on digital this time.  And a lovely smelling refinery outside of town.

birds refinery

By the numbers:  72.2 miles, 17.3 mph, 4:10:02, 1,040 feet.  Totals so far:  1,857.5 miles and 64,244 feet of climbing.

Next stop:  Bartlesville, OK, 71.1 miles away.

Video recap:


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  1. Ces / Oct 4 2010 8:17 pm

    I see you were tempted to turn south and head home! Glad you are doing well and rocking along!! Sorry about the “W” this weekend. LSU won but it felt like a loss!

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