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October 3, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 22: Woodward to Enid, OK (10/3)

Today started out a little ominous.  I looked like a storm was coming.  And then Tera had to add that it rained last year on this day, too.  And then I put on my iPod (one ear only) and the first song to come up (totally random–shuffle):  Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics.  I swear!  I put on my raincoat after that.  We got 5 drops.  Phew.

Last year, this day had a disastrous result which is covered in the video recap.  This year, Brian and Diana got a cab for the 112 miles, instead of riding.  Brian officially has the bug that we thought we were through.  Not good.  And Bill has a bad cold or chest infection, but rode through it.  And Dana somehow survived after eating yogurt at the Holiday Inn Express that I pointed out had expired on September 24th (all the yogurts had the same date–I came to breakfast too late to warn her).

We ending up riding together as a whole group today.  It took a while as there were flats and a milder pace, but we enjoyed the novelty of all working together and the countryside was a bit nicer than yesterday.  We also started out by going through Boiling Springs State Park where we saw lots of deer and wild turkey.  The roads were very quiet today, too.  Unlike yesterday’s monster truck highway rally.  A nice, peaceful ride.

Plus the wind was barely a factor.  Thankfully.  Temps have been in the 40’s at the start, 50’s by lunch, 60’s by the end.  This requires dressing in layers, but not a big issue when you have the world’s largest jersey back-pocket following you in the form of a van.

Videos from today: AM update and lunch update



By the numbers: 112.4 miles, 7:22:00 riding time, 2,984 feet climbing, 15.2 mph avg; Totals so far: 1,785.3, 63,204 ft of climbing

Helmet-cam footage: Heading out; Boiling Springs State Park (just missed videoing a deer crossing the road); Free gas in Helena?

Video recap with Dave the Wave:


Bonus pics:  From last night’s dinner (it came that way–not my creative juices–as I have none by dinnertime).  More appropriate pic for today than yesterday, I think.  And the re-enactment of Dave’s fall last year (note the chalklines the other guides put down before we got there).

smile   reenactment

Bonus helmet-cam footage:  Dave’s re-enactment



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