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October 2, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 21: Guymon to Woodward, OK (10/2)

You know the old expression:  If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.  Um, I haven’t much to say today.  It was windy.  There were plenty of rollers to keep the momentum at bay.  And it was a long, long ride.  Even without the epic climbs of the 140-miler a while ago, this 126-miler was tough due to the wind.  Once in a while there would be a tree to look at alongside the road.  We did have our second stop at Fort Supply Lake, but we were too tired to enjoy the view–we just wanted to swallow some energy (a.k.a., food) and get it over with.

Basically, it was me and Austin the whole way.  Brit and Dana might have the “bug” that we thought we were through.  Brian was sick today and I think had to jump in the van at some point (as did Brit and William and eventually Diana).  So, it was tough.  Joseph was in his own groove/pace, so we let him go after lunch.  Karl was riding with others.  We believe Dana and Bill touched wheels and Dana had a minor spill.  Details still forthcoming as they weren’t in an hour after we got in at 5:10.  A tough day all around.

Next stop: Enid, OK.  Another century-plus ride of 111.6 miles.  Weather again dictates the difficulty of the ride.  Since we’re on the western edge of a new time zone, we can’t leave til 7:30 or so (like today)–which means another long day.

Videos: Mile 50–lunch, Mile 109–lunch #2



By the numbers: 125.7 miles, 15.5 mph (actually pretty good considering), 8:07:37 riding time, 2,539 ft of climbing (in the form of rollers); Totals so far: 1,672.9 miles (past the halfway point), 61,783 feet of climbing.

Helmet-cam: Running of the Deer (can only see them for a few seconds at the beginning, on the right)

Video recap by Austin:

Bonus pic and question:

I like the Holiday Inn Expresses we’ve been staying in, but why on Earth is this picture hung 1/4″ from the ceiling?

Holiday Inn


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