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September 26, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 15 Durango to Pagosa Springs, CO (9/26)

Morning Pre-ride Update:

Taking our time this morning to get rolling–relatively short ride and hoping it will WARM UP fast.  In addition to the temps being in the 40’s, we have some other concerns about the Trek Travel Cross-Country Cycling Team.  Video:


Afternoon Post-ride update:

More beautiful Colorado countryside today.  Don’t have much of it left as we’ll be heading into NM tomorrow.  Most everyone was a bit jittery today.  Between illness running through the group and a big day tomorrow, we’re a little subdued.  Austin, Joseph, and I tried to make light of the situation and just have a casual ride today.  A few times I jumped in front to pull the guys up the climbs and to keep the pace manageable.  Joseph is having some knee issues, too, and I reminded him that “just because it is feeling good (from getting warmed up over 30 miles), doesn’t mean it is good.  The three of us make a good team as we keep each other in check.

Lunch was at a very unique spot:  Chimney Rock Farm Market (a market that has a patio and serves lunch).  You can look right down on the farm.  All the food they serve is organic.  The fruit was absolutely amazing.  Makes me wonder about our food at the grocery store.  I also had a Panini on a foccacia bun with roasted chicken, mozzarella, spinach, and parmesan cheese.  Yummy.  And chicken noodle soup (trying to thwart the illness demons), and a raspberry smoothie.  It was nice lunch since the whole gang had regrouped there.  Of course, there was an eerie silence where the characteristic high energy of Marquette and Karl were amiss.  So instead we joked about sharing each others food.  Call it gallows humor, I guess.

One other challenge to the daily ride I didn’t mention the other day is altitude.  We’ve been as high as 7,950 ft; today we peaked at 7,359 feet.  For some, this can be tough.  Shortness of breath, dizziness. nausea.  Altitude can be a subtle wrench in the works for any ride.

Pics include us at lunch spot and a few shots taken just down the road (you can barely see Chimney Rock in the distance):

the gang at lunch  View from lunch  The view after lunch view after lunch 2

At the hotel, The Springs Resort and Spa, I tried out the natural spring-fed hot tubs.  Other than it being a little smelly, it’s pretty cool.  If you totally relax, you can get your arms to float at the surface of the water.  Here’s a video snapshot of the spa area and the river.

By the numbers:  60.8 miles, 3:26:16 riding time, avg 17.7 mph, 3,579 feet of climbing; Totals so far: 1,113.2 miles, 44,904 feet of climbing. And 61:32 total hours of riding in 15 days (one being a rest day).

Helmet-cam footage: and (leaving Durango); (taking pictures of Chimney rock after lunch) (rolling into Pagosa)

Video recap:


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  1. Eric Mason / Sep 27 2010 8:00 am

    I’ve been across that strectch on a Harley. Never would have dreamed of doing it on a bicycle back then! You and your group are in my prayers. Stay healthy.

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