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September 23, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 12: Tuba City AZ to Mexican Hat UT

We made it to Mexican Hat, Utah.  Another state line crossed. Of course, the first thing I said to Joseph when we checked in at the motel was, “Mexican Hat? So ‘Sombrero, Utah’ was already taken?”  What a beautiful (and challenging ride).  We spent the second half of the ride passing through Monument Valley, AZ.  Amazing spires and towers.  Once again Austin, Joseph, and I powered through the ride, but we did “stop to smell the roses.”  Or at least view the terrain–I don’t think I’ve seen a rose for weeks.  And I haven’t driven a car since Santa Barbara (can you imagine?).  We spent almost the entire day in Navajo Nation and lost an hour as soon as we rolled out of the parking lot due to a time zone/daylight savings time shift.

We actually had two lunch stops today.  Would you believe I fell asleep sitting in a chair at the first stop?  I guess I need to go to bed earlier tonight.  Another cool thing about the area–movies.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Forrest Gump.  We past the exact spot where Forrest Gump stopped his walk across America and said he had walked enough (or something like that).

Pics today are exclusively the Monument Valley and crossing the border.

MV1  MV2  MV3  MV4 Utah

By the numbers:  115.8 miles, 19.6 mph (top speed on a 8-10% grade: 43 mph), riding time of 5:54:59, 3,442 feet of climbing; Totals so far: 908.5 miles and 33,323 feet of climbing.

MUST SEE HELMET CAM FOOTAGE (you can really appreciate the terrain through these clips: (just entered Utah); ; ; (appears to be a fast section–don’t recall now); better view of one of the pics in AZ; (getting past by a bus–common occurrence); (note our friend, Mr. Rumblestrip on the shoulder–another challenge everywhere we go).

Video Recap:



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  1. Ces / Sep 24 2010 8:05 am

    You’ve been at this for about 25% of the entire trip now! Awesome job! What are the things you think about to keep you going?


    • jslipschultz / Sep 24 2010 6:08 pm

      Good question. I’ll cover in the video for Day 13!

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