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September 22, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 11: Grand Canyon to Tuba City, AZ (9/22/10)

After a day of rest, we were ready to take on the next several days in a row of riding.  Next rest stop is Taos, NM.  But first we will travel through more of Arizona, then Utah, then Colorado.  The “lodge” we stayed in was near the center of the South Rim.  We didn’t exit the park today until Mile 25.  This place is so big.  At Mile 45 we stopped to check out the Little Colorado River Gorge.  We spent most of the ride on the Navajo Indian Reservation.  Tuba City is the unofficial capital and hub of the Navajo Nation.  The Navajos actually follow Daylight Savings Time, unlike the rest of Arizona.

Today’s ride was a little challenging.  We had some significant winds and some climbing.  We peaked at 7,500 ft above sea level and ended at 5,000 or so.  So we had some fun descents–one coming out of the Canyon and another long one starting at Mile 25.  About 30 miles of descending with occasional climbs sprinkled in.  It looked like rain a lot of the day especially towards the end of the ride (Joseph and I put the hammer down to beat the few rain drops that fell as we pulled into the hotel, Austin and Bill were not far behind). Knee was bugging me a little in the first half and went away.  No worries.

Pics:  leaving the canyon, view of canyon from east end, two of the Little Colorado River Gorge.

Leaving the Canyon Mile 45 2East end 22 miles Mile 45  

By the numbers:  18.8 mph avg, 4:21:00 riding time, 81.6 miles, 2979 ft of climbing (even on a mainly descent day!); Totals so far: 792.7 miles, 29,881 feet of climbing.

Helmet-cam footage: Some scenic footage for a change

Video Recap:



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  1. Casey / Sep 23 2010 9:48 am

    Jeff, excellent work. Yes, Monument V should be beautiful, just like all “westerns” you’ve seen, but nothing like the real thing. As you hit the high plains and mtns, hope you brought your “woolies”…there can be frost on the pumpkin this time of year. After Pagosa are you going south towards Chama NM or east to Alamosa CO? If going east, can you say “Wolf Creek”, better load the guns for that one. Take care and be safe.

    • jslipschultz / Sep 23 2010 10:14 pm

      It will be in the 40’s tomorrow morning! I’m layering clothes, believe me. Brrr. After Pagosa, we go to Taos, Raton, Clayton (NM) then OKLAHOMA.

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