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September 19, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 8: Kingman to Seligman (Arizona)

A better day on Route 66.  Fairly nice views.  We jumped out of town following Karl at 21 mph.  I was second in the peleton (the straight line of riders) and was a bit tired at the start.  Found my groove, but also found a sore right knee.  Played it cool for the morning.  We saw a whole bunch of vultures (the real kind–not turkey vultures or buzzards–yes there is some kind of difference).  Funny thing about following Karl out of town–the road was so crummy that I had to ride the white line on the shoulder to have a smooth surface.  “Holding your line” is a critical skill for riding in the peleton and this was good practice–try it sometime–harder than you think.

If you’re familiar with Route 66, you’ll be happy to hear they still have those Burma Shave signs on the route.  It’s a series of little quips that add up to a quirky poem and end with a little Burma Shave sign.

The team is showing some fatigue.  Me included.  This is our eighth day in a row with one more to go.  A combination of miles, climbing, wind (for the first time really today), and heat (90’s to 100) add up after a while.  I felt decent most of the day and finished strong, but tomorrow’s 104 miles will be a good test.  We’ll be ready for a rest day when we finish.  I’ve only flown over the Grand Canyon in a small touring plane so this will be a good experience.

Pics: Our motel for the night (Historic Seligman 66 Motel–Haley’s Comets slept in my room); our dinner location; the Sundries Shop.

our motel  dinner    sundries shop2  sundries shop3 Sundries shop

Joseph’s Helmet-cam footage:; (one of my favs so far–as I pass the camera I’m sticking out my tongue and rolling ahead for grins)

By the numbers:  83.1 miles; 17.2 mph; 2,841 ft of climbing; riding time: 4:50:28.  Totals for trip: 21,781 ft of climbing; 606.4 miles.

Videos:  AM departure set-up; Lunch; Recap





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  1. Eric Mason / Sep 20 2010 5:54 pm

    I’m enjoying following your progress. Keep up the good riding. Sounds like you guys deserve a good rest day.

    • jslipschultz / Sep 22 2010 11:02 pm

      Thanks for following along, Eric. If you have any questions about the ride, let me know. And yes, a well-deserved rest indeed. Already moving again. Next rest day is Day 17.

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