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September 15, 2010 / jslipschultz

Day 4: Victorville to 29 Palms

Today’s ride took us through the Lucerne Valley of the Mojave Desert.  Lots of Joshua trees throughout the day as we passed through the huge Joshua Tree National Park.  The entire group (minus two) left together at 7:00 today.  Kind of fun to roll out together.  Once we got out of town though, it was …. hammertime.  I pulled the group for about 8-10 miles and felt great.  Karl, our guide/mechanic (and fastest/strongest rider I’ll probably ever ride with), was right behind me.  He asked if I was done and I said not yet.  Truth be told, I’m addicted to the view from the front.  Yes, you can look side to side from inside the peleton.  But the front is a panoramic that is awesome and if you keep your pace steady, you don’t even have to think of the other riders (stopping in front of you or doing something squirrely like dropping a water bottle).

So Team A (we’re looking for a new name as Team A is a little elitist, don’t you think?) pulled away from the other riders, we kept Dave the Wave, our lead guide with us til lunch.  We had Dee and Mike with us, too.  So between Joseph, Austin, and Bill and the rest, we had a sweet peleton going for quite a while (as seen by our results today).  Allowed for a lot of taking turns at the front.  Recovery for Jeff at the back.

Pics include the “the power of the W motivational shot”, a view from lunch today, a view for the inn we’re at tonight, and a poolside pic taken by Joseph (and put on Twitter–thanks Joesph, really).  Our rooms weren’t quite ready when we got here.  So, some food, a recovery drink and a Stella, and a dip in the pool while we waited (yes, in my bike shorts–that’s one way to clean them—no, not really).

W   lunch stop day 4   29 palms  at the pool

Video footage at Mile 32–water stop

lunch at Mile 50


and the 29 Palms Inn


Helmet-cam footage by Joseph: (lunch); (for geologist fans, only–Bill is an expert)

By the numbers:  90.1 miles. 4:25:11 riding time. Average HR 138. Avg speed 20.5.  Top speed 42. 2,221 ft of climbing.

Video recap:



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  1. douglas ritter / Sep 15 2010 6:00 pm

    I’d still be out on the road!

  2. Gini Dietrich / Sep 15 2010 7:35 pm

    I can’t believe how strong and fast you’re going! I’m so freaking impressed…and I love that descent you took. WOOOOO!!! When is your first rest day?

    • Jeff Lipschultz / Sep 15 2010 7:41 pm

      First rest day: Day 10. I don’t know dates anymore.

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