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August 24, 2008 / jslipschultz

CO 2008 Day 3: Snowmass to Maroon Bells

Today was a great and eventful day.  We again started our ride with the killer one mile climb out of Snowmass Village.  Our tour guide, Don, took us to a beautiful area with the best view at the top.  The climbing wasn’t too bad as we are acclimating more and more to the altitude–of course, our legs have been through a lot in the last few days.

Up to the Bells   Up to the Bells 2

We did about 4,000 feet of climbing (for some perspective, climbing Roanoke hill from the credit union to the top is 110 feet).  Snowmass is around 8,000 ft and the top of our ride was at 9,600 ft.  There’s a lot of climbing getting there and back, too.  You can see the South and North Maroon Bell Peaks behind us in the pictures below.

We made it team      Maroon Bells

We had a real cool encounter as we prepared to descend from Maroon Bells.  Don headed down ahead of Jamie and I to find a spot to grab some video of us coming down.  As he did this, a fast rider zoomed down past Jamie and I who was wearing the team colors of Garmin-Chipolte.  He was riding a Felt, too.  At the time, we were fairly certain he wasn’t a poser and was a real team member.  Fortunately, Don had the video rolling as this rider sailed towards him.  Based on the velocity of the rider, Don thought this guy was Jamie.  The rider stopped right next to Don and said hi, as he noticed a gal going up that he knew.  So he turned around and climbed back up with her.  We did a little Internet research to match the video of him with the team’s web site.  Turns out it was Will Frischkorn who finished 2nd in this year’s Tour d’France Stage 3.

{{Added 10/1/08:  Journal entry from Will in Velonews even mentions his trip in CO.  Click this link for details }}

Click on the pictures to see the two videos below:Will and then Jamie and I.


Soon after Jamie and I sailed down to Don.

We biked straight over to Aspen and had some Mexican food.  That was when the only rain fell during our stay.  The last challenge was to get back to Snowmass from Aspen after eating lunch AND a new storm was brewing and we had to hustle back up to the condo.  We toyed with the thought of doing another local loop in Snowmass, but Coronas at the pool sounded a whole lot better giving the legs a well-deserved break.

Needless to say, we’re pretty happy with our performance over the three days.  We felt like we held our own considering we’re coming from 600 feet altitude back home.

Tonight will be another home-cooked meal from our master chef, Jamie.  We plan to leave tomorrow at the crack of dawn (Don and I had to convince Jamie 4:30 AM was a wee bit early for us).  Looking forward to seeing our families and telling tall tales of our adventure.

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