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June 22, 2007 / jslipschultz

Italy: Venezia

Today was an all-day trip to Venezia (Venice).

We actually parked on the mainland and took a boat into the city.  Here’s the view coming in.


We docked and walked and walked and walked. For those who aren’t familiar with Venice, the streets are just for walking.  The famous canals are for faster transportation (gondola, water taxis, and personal motor boats).

Here’s a view of a canal going through the backsides of houses.


Venice is virtually a floating city full of fancy shops (like Rodeo Drive or Park Ave) tied together with religion and history dating way, way back.  We went into San Marco Piazza (where San Marco Basilica and the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale) are, we saw both.).  Lots and lots of pigeons in the Piazza as you can see in the picture.

068   069

The crowd of people are feeding pigeons.  Some are brave enough to put seed in their hands with their arms outstretched to the sides (like a scarecrow) and have the pigeons jump up on their arms to eat from their hands.   Some jumped on people’s heads, too.  No, not us.

We walked around a lot, had a fancy lunch, and took a gondola ride through the side canals and into the Grand Canal in middle of the city.  There is a famous bridge over the Grand Canal there called the Rialto bridge (see below).

054  052    067

Long day of sightseeing.

Tomorrow is a big day for riding: Mount Grappa.  Longer ride, more climbing than Foza.  We’ll see what route we take.

The ladies are going to check out Oslo and have a nice lunch there.

Off to bed–it’s midnight.

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