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June 21, 2007 / jslipschultz

Italy: The ride to Foza

Today was a busy day for everyone.

It starts with Jamie and I departing around 7:30 to conquer the mountain to Foza.  Riding through Bassano del Grappa to get the base of the mountain was OK.  You get used to the urban challenges.  Once on the climb, its just you and the 21 switchbacks to the top.  Here’s a picture along the way (I’m still breathing hard).  And at the top (I’m smiling–believe me).

 062   064

It was a one hour, nine minute climb with heart pumping fast and bike going slow (8 mph average).

At the top, Jamie and I stopped for coffee and water and talked with a few Italians who we passed going up.  They marveled at my Specialized bike.  Imagine that.


After reaching the top, we had rolling hills and passed through towns like Asiago, Lusiana, Concho.  We had a fun decent.  We only had about 13 switchbacks after we had partially decended passing through all the towns up high.


Total ride took about 3 hours and 20 minutes to go about 50 miles (only 10 miles was climbing to Foza, believe it or not, but 8 mph is 8 mph).  Jamie’s computer says we climbed a total of 4,500 feet during the entire ride.  My legs say otherwise.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Siv went to town (Marostica) and checked out some shops.  We all had lunch at the hotel.  Here’s another view from there.


After lunch, Jamie had business to conduct, so I went back to Asiago with the ladies.  This time in a little, stick-shift Fiat.  Asiago has Austrian history and looks very Bavarian.  Jen took plenty of pictures (with a regular camera).

Dinner tonight was authentic Italian pizza at Cucina Casalinga with Jamie’s right-hand man and his family.  We’re gong to their house for dinner Saturday night.  I think Jamie and his partner were figuring out the most difficult route for the climb to Mount Grappa.  Dios Mio.

By the way, at an Italian pizzeria, everyone orders their own pizza (not the typical 4-piece CPK deal either.  Even really old ladies (of course, I’ve seen them riding bikes in dresses, too).  And most folks eat with a knife and fork.  How un-American! 😉  Unless, you’re eating deep-dish in Chicago, of course.

Tomorrow is a day off riding since we need the whole day to explore Venice.  There is still much to see, do, eat, and ride.  Stay tuned.

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