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June 20, 2007 / jslipschultz

Italy: We have arrived in Italy!

Well, it’s finally time to see if I’m ready.  We flew in to Italy today (via Frankfurt) and have made it to Marostica.

Since we got in late in the day, we didn’t have time to ride today.  We visited Bassano del Grappa, a very nice city with plenty of shopping and plazas.  We got the bikes put back together (the gorillas at the Frankfurt airport man-handled mine) and had a terrific dinner at the hotel (see picture).  It sounds like we’re starting with a bang tomorrow:  del Grappa, a tall looking climb from the city level.  Meanwhile, Jennifer and Siv will spend the morning scoping out downtown Marostica.

Tourists in Venice on Friday, most likely.

Need to go to bed.  I’ve been up since June 19th 5:45AM not counting about three hours on the ride over the pond.  Maybe four.  It’s 11:30 PM here now.




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