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May 17, 2007 / jslipschultz

Some details for inquiring minds

THE WHAT:  Bicycling in Italy. 

THE WHERE:  Go , type in location of 36063 Muriatic, Italy.  Click hybrid or satellite for a good view.  See those mountains to the north of Marostica.  That is the place.  By the way, also check out the Tour de Giro (tour map below).  Stage 19 on June 1st passes right through Marostica (Treviso to Comano Terme)  Here's the link for details on that:

THE WHO:  Me and my buddy Jamie are going with the wives (no, they're not riding).  Sounds like some Italian riders will be joining us here and there.  Jamie's company sponsors a young gun team over there–hopefully they're too busy to join us.

THE HOW:  The Orbea Orca is staying home.  The Specialized Allez is coming off the trainer upstairs after a year and a half and is going overseas. It has better gearing for climbing, naturally.  The training has been good in the last few months (thanks in part to Monday riding buddies, Saturday riding buddies, and Spinervals CDs, along with LifeFitness bikes in hotels across the Midwest).  It seems as if I'll be as ready as possible, considering there are no mountains here at home.

THE WHEN:  The first day will be June 19th or 20th.

THE WHY:  Why do people climb Mt. Everest?

If you want to know more, send me a note or post a comment on this blog and I'll add more.

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